Core Business

Core Business

Chiho Environmental Group Limited (hereafter referred to as “Chiho”) is one of the largest publicly listed global scrap metal recycling companies with extensive operations in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals scraps, end-of-life vehicles, powered battery and electronic scraps and the production of secondary aluminum ingots from aluminum scraps.

In 2016, Chiho completed its acquisition of Scholz Holding GmbH (“Scholz”), one of the world’s largest mixed metal recyclers with advanced end-of-life vehicle processing capabilities and over 150 year's history in scrap metal recycling. Strongly integrated with Scholz, Chiho expands its geographical presence across Asia, Europe, and North America and possesses more than 200 processing plants and yard operations.

Recycling Services

Metal Recycling and Trading

Our mixed metal recycling operations involve sourcing, processing, and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We use state-of-the-art processing technologies to disassemble and sort mixed metal scrap such as scrap motors and scrap electrical wires and cables into separate metal fractions. These recycled metals, which include copper, aluminum, and ferrous metals can then be sold to smelters, refineries and foundries for further downstream recycling.

End-of-life Vehicle Recycling

CEG possesses the most modern recycling facilities in Europe which allow us to comply with EU ELV directive targets of a 95% recycling rate. In fact, our facilities achieves a total recovery rate for ELV and other scrap materials of about 97%. The Group has become a global leader in the field of ELV through the integration and improvement of Scholz’s business resources.

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

 CEG battery recycling has a strong R & D strength. Through cooperation with European research institutes and universities, we jointly innovate recycling technologies suitable for different types and models of EV batteries to achieve low carbon emissions, low energy consumption, high recovery, high economic benefits.

Electronic Waste Recycling

We own and operate a 240,000 square feet industrial site within the Yuen Long Industrial Estate in Hong Kong. We upgraded our facility in 2016 to become Hong Kong’s largest, most diverse, integrated electronic scrap recycling center. We are proud that CEG has become one of the few licensed recyclers in Hong Kong with both Permit for Export of Waste Printed Circuit Boards and Licence to Dispose of Chemical Waste. We are committed to providing scrap electrical and electronic equipment recycling and data destruction services to businesses and individual customers.

Circular Products

Ferrous metals

CEG is specialized in the production of steel mill products and foundry scrap. All over the world, our employees ensure that you receive single-variety and high-quality recycling raw materials. Modern shredders, shears and presses help us to deliver exactly what you need in the desired purity or blending.

Nonferrous metals

From A for aluminum to Z for zinc: We supply you with consistent qualities. Whether as a smelting plant, foundry or refining smelter, with our excellent worldwide trade relations, reliable customs clearance and global market knowledge, we always get a good price for you. For smelting and remelting plants, we supply customized and professionally processed quality – directly, economically and according to your individual requirements.

Oil and Lubricants

We always work on comprehensive solutions. That’s why waste oil processing is also an optional part of vehicle recycling and industrial dismantling projects for CEG. The objective: A reusable lubricating oil for your application.
By recycling, we save oil reserves and use resources responsibly. We also take care of the reusability of the solvents and thus offer a further building block for integrating Circular Economy into the daily operating process at your company.


CEG stands for a smoothly operating recycling economy. We have always been focusing on new materials and improving recycling procedures. You can also benefit from this: we offer you a wide range of recycled products from paper to rubber, plastics and wood.

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