A global leader in metal recycling and

environmental protection

Chiho Environmental Group is committed to environmental sustainability.

With years of recycling experience, we have the technology and expertise to recycle mixed metal in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • Metal Recycling Operations

    Our mixed metal recycling operations involves sourcing, processing, and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We use state-of-art processing technology to disassemble and sort mix metal scrap such as waste motors and waste electric wires and cables into separate metal fractions. These recycled metals, which include copper, aluminum, and ferrous metals can then be sold to metal refineries for further downstream recycling.

  • End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Operations

    Chiho Environmental Group possesses the most modern recycling facilities in Europe which allow us to comply with EU ELV directive targets of 95% recycling rate. In fact, our facilities achieves a total recovery rate for ELV and other scrap materials of about 97%, which allow us to further process automobile shredder residues (ASR) that our competitors are unable to process.

  • Electronic waste Recycling Operations

    We own and operate a 240,000 square feet industrial site within the Yuen Long Industrial Estate in Hong Kong. The facility began upgrades since the end of 2016 and will become Hong Kong's largest, most diverse, integrated electronic waste recycling center. We are proud to announce that Chiho Environmental Group Limited has become one of the few licensed recyclers in Hong Kong with both Permit for Export of Waste Printed Circuit Boards and Licence to Dispose of Chemical Waste.

  • Foundry Operations

    Chiho Environmental Group operates our own foundry to manufacture high quality aluminum ingots from recycled metals. Most of our aluminum ingots are produced in accordance to the Japanese Industrial Standards (including A D C 12.10 and 6 standards) and it can be tailor made to the specific needs of our clients. Our products have been widely used in the automobile, electronic, and other related industries.

  • Trading

    Through our extensive global procurement network, we are able to source a wide range of mixed metals for our domestic and international customers.