Chiho Environmental Group Limited (“CEG” or the “Group”; Stock Code: 976.HK), won the “2017 China Financial Market Award – Best Investment Value Award “with excellent performance. The ceremony and celebration dinner of the event was held on January 8, 2018 at Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel. Mr. Wong Wun Lam, Chief Financial Officer of CEG attended the ceremony and received the award on behalf of the Group.


Mr. Wong Wun Lam(Left 4), Chief Financial Officer of CEG received the award on behalf of the Group

CEG is a global leader in the metal recycling and environmental protection industry. The “Best Investment Value Award” fully demonstrates that the capital market has highly affirmed the Group’s overall performance, value creation and brand building. It also reflects capital market’s expectation for the Group to aim higher goals of development. In the future, CEG will continue to deepen its global layout and become a new benchmark in renewable resources and environmental protection industry, further contributing to environmental protection.

At the “2017 China Financial Market Award” ceremony, a total of 18 awards of the year were presented, including “Best Investment Value Award”, “Best Brand Value Award” and “Best Annual Enterprise Leadership Award”, to appreciate the listed companies with excellent performance and full potential in Hong Kong. CEG and other 200 companies and individuals won awards and more than 300 elite leaders participated in the event and witnessed the success of the outstanding enterprises in the capital market!