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Chairman’s Speech

Chiho Environmental is a leading company in China’s resources recycling industry. This year is crucial to the Company for going internationally after its integration. We acquired companies of the same industry and try to build a more comprehensive procurement and production network. With the advantage of being the leader in the industry and rooting in Mainland China, we are also investing and cooperating with overseas companies to expand our international market. My new management team is leading the Company extending our business area into Europe and North America. Supported by the “One Belt One Road” policy, the Company will, in the international market, strive to reach the goal of Deeper, Stronger and Greater.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed that Circular Economy should be developed actively to promote the reutilization of industrial and daily life waste and energy saving industry should be turned into the State’s new mainstay industry. It can be seen that China is determined to strengthen environmental protection and Circular Economy has bright future in China. As a leading enterprise whose nature of business coincides with this direction, the Company will bravely embrace the challenge, grasp the opportunity, fight for further development in resources recycling and environmental protection field, and contribute more in integrating world’s resources!

Tu Jianhua - Chairman of Chiho Environmental Group Limited