A global leader in metal recycling and

environmental protection

As a global leader in metal recycling and environmental protection,

Chiho Environmental Group has strong footprint and well established operations worldwide. With advanced technology, we are able to provide our services at the highest level of industry standard.

  • Vertical Shredder plant

    In Europe, the plant can meet all kinds of requirements, including shredding and separation of light and heavy shredder fractions. Recycling rate of end-of-life vehicle (ELV) reaches 96.96%, highest of the industry.

  • Mixed Metal Processing Line

    This equipment is a tunnel-type heat treatment furnace with a length of 68 meters, and the process of heat treatment is fully automated. It is the most advanced heat treatment equipment used in the heat treatment of waste motor in China, which is a closed negative pressure environment and no flue gas leakage in the heat treatment process.

  • Electronic Waste Processing Line

    It is designed to recycle electronic waste into raw materials including ferrous, aluminum, copper, PCBs, plastics, other metals and organic fractions by using automated shredding and separation technology including vibration/eddy current/magnetic.

  • Cable Processing Line

    It is designed to recycle wires and cables into plastics and metals fractions, by using metal shredding and separation technologies including electrostatic and vibration.

  • Scrap Oil Process Equipment

    Our waste oil processing facility is designed for two parts: distillation facility on the right, solvent refining facility on the left. Distillation unit is to process scrap oil and eventually produce semi-finished lubricant oil. The solvent refining unit utilizes the selectivity of the solvent to separate the rational component and the non-rational component in the lubricating base oil, and the ideal component flows out from the top of the facility. The non-ideal components are then heated to recover the solvent for reuse.