A global leader in metal recycling and

environmental protection

  • Please introduce yourself.

    Raimund Doneit: I'm Raimund Doneit, Head of Purchasing and Sales

  • Since end of 2016, Chiho has come in as the sole shareholder and put forward the “New Scholz Strategy” with relevant restructuring measures. By far, what kind of positives have emerged in Scholz under the new strategy? And what are the major differences between the restructuring this time and those from years ago.

    Raimund Doneit: The business relationships with customers and suppliers, trust of customers and suppliers and the financial situation have improved significantly. The difference is the number of business consultants compared to earlier.

  • We noted that Scholz's business performance has gradually improved since the start of 2017. What do you think was the main driving force?

    Raimund Doneit: General economic situation – responsibility of employees – Trust of customers and suppliers.

  • Do you think the insecurity sentiment of employees from the past has gone or not? Do you think our employees are happy or not with our current improvements that have been achieved?

    Raimund Doneit: The employees are definitely motivated again with the current improvement of the financial situation and the ensuring of the workplaces.

  • Chiho's intention is not to become a financial investor, but is fully committed to be an industrial investor and to further explore the global recycling industry. With the integration with Scholz, Chiho wants to achieve synergy effects. From your point of view, do you feel such intention of Chiho? What benefits do you think Chiho has already brought to Scholz? And what more Chiho can bring? From your point of view, do you think the above mindset of CEG is perceivable or not? What do you think for the past year CEG has brought to Scholz? What else you would envisage for future from CEG to Scholz?

    Raimund Doneit: In the current phase, I think that more synergistic effect is on the NE side. Advantage: the ensuring of short-term liquidity on the operational trading side. Further expansion of recycling activities in the Asian region.In the short time imperceptible, but I think in the longer term, yes. CHIHO has achieved that there are no more negative headlines, and the image of Scholz has improved and Scholz is on a good way. Steady growth through synergies as well as clear policy and new acquisitions.

  • There are cultural differences between China and Germany. What do you think of these cultural and behavioral differences? Have you ever felt any cultural differences when interacting with your Chinese colleagues? Do you think those differences are manageable?

    Raimund Doneit: Each culture has advantages and disadvantages, but if people can respect each other, and a company culture can be formed, it can be only the advantage for this company.

  • In what ways do you think we can capitalize on the Group's enhanced strength now?

    Raimund Doneit: Using of the existing contacts for worldwide extending.

  • About our vision, “to be the leader in global recycling business”, do you think you and the team around you share our vision? What could be done in your perspective, from shareholder side and from your scope of responsibility, to push forward the vision?

    Raimund Doneit: In the long term, I share this vision under the conditions of the reasonable investment policy – Technological development – Strengthening of the operational trading / business. Appreciation of the operating units / trading or the freedom of decision-making leads to more motivation – annual meeting of the operating units.

  • Are you confident in the Group's future? Are you confident in the recycling business?

    Raimund Doneit: I am always confident for the future of the group and the recycling.